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Welcome to the Frivolite fashion sphere. Find introductions to creators that sit on the fringes of mind-blowing creativity from Japan and beyond in both English and Japanese. Also learn more about Frivolite and our founder and the numerous projects we produce.


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Frivolite Worldwide

Welcome to Frivolite! We are a bilingual Tokyo-based fashion site. Please see the pages below to get the best out of the frivolous world of Frivolite.

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Frivolite Worldwide Report Archives
Frivolite Report Archives

The bread and butter of Frivolite, the report archives are brimming with articles and photos on the most creative and up-and-coming designers and creators from Japan and beyond in both Japanese and English. Also find trend reports, Tokyo Fashion Week reviews, and behind-the-scenes looks at fashion photoshoots following stylist (and Frivolite director) Misha Janette. Click here for the archives.

Frivolite Worldwide Contact
Contact Information

Find contact information for Frivolite here, or email us at

Frivolite Artisanal Accessories Shop

Due to the demand of fans who hope to get their hands on some of the newcomer designers that are showcased on Frivolite, the accessory division was created so anyone can get their hand on some truly unique pieces. Brands are all made in Japan by local artisans and created with love and care. If you're looking for for some truly unique pieces, please take a look through the Frivolite Shop catalogue (currently only in Japanese)
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