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ato F/W 2010 Tokyo Collection

アトウ 秋冬2010年コレクション レポート

ATO fw トップ

I was on a roll this season with hitting as many brand's exhibitions as possible. I usually skip them if I see the show (about 60 brands do shows every season + all of those who don`t...that would be about 100 exhibits a season! Not. Possible.) but I always see a different side to the clothing when I can touch them and see them up close.

So ato is one of the brands that I first loved when I came to Tokyo in 2004. It was sleek, cool, dark, and kind of sexy. It was one of those brands that sort of gave off this pretentious air and I wanted get a sniff of that so badly.. so I often found myself hanging out at the shop in Minami-Aoyama, and their fashion show at the New Opera House was my first in the city.



ATO fw ユニセックス

This time, the brand layed low and opted out of a show and instead went for an exhibition only (although the PR rep says confidently "We`ll *definitely* do one next time!). Honestly, I think it was a great choice as the brand had started to slide off-track and this collection saw it go straight back to its roots.
The "unisex" theme doesn`t even need to be explained as it is apparent in the tailored, formalwear as casualwear pieces.



ATO fw テーラード

At the exhibit, I was wondering if designer Ato Matusmoto would be there and he was, in the back flipping through the newest womens issue of Common & Sense (the one with Amuro Namie on the cover). I asked him what he thought about it, since it has fully embraced the young, cute "kawaii" nearly gyaru aesthetic (that is Namie on the cover, after all).

He responded, "I think that this is what Tokyo fashion is. It's not Yohji or Comme des Garcons anymore. It hasn`t been for a long time. People say that everything is "kawaii" nowadays even if it's not actually "cute". There`s nothing wrong with this, but it's not for me. I don`t think my clothes are made for Tokyo anymore."

He ended this with "I have an incredible amount of Chinese and other foreign tourists coming to shop at my store. They buy up a ton of pieces as souvenirs to take back to their countries.They are propping us up.. but the popularity of Japanese fashion within Asia can`t last forever."

展示会で、「デザイナーの松本与はいるのかな?」と探してみたら、彼は後ろの隅っこで最新号の「commons & sense」をめくっていた(安室奈美恵が表紙を飾っている方)。今号は、特にストリート的な可愛い系のテイストになっちゃたので、松本さんに雑誌の感想を尋ねました。



ATO fw スーツ

ATO fw サルエ

These chalkstripe slacks as harem pants are fantastic---


ATO fw アクセサリー

A lapel necklace made from silk.


ATO fw メンズ

ATO fw パンツ

he debuted a line of mens underwear. It's peek-a-boo and layered.. it would actually be kind of a cool gift.


ATO fw 小物

A look at Ato just one season ago.... so very different. I like the uniqueness, and those pants are pretty hot, but I also appreciate witnessing the pure side of what Ato used to be and what attracted me to the brand in the first place.

前回のアトウの作品と見比べると、どれほどテイストが変わったかがわかる。私はどれも好きだけれど、今回の ato のコレクション作品は、その魅力がストレートに感じとれて、とてもよかった。

ATO SS2010ATO fw SS 2010メンズ

visit ato at www.ato.jp

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